Documentation for “Multi-Form Sticky Field Sharing”

( A Plug-In for Gravity Forms in WordPress Environments )


This Gravity Forms plugin provides a means to capture, save, and “share” field data entry values amongst all forms from any page within the same web site. Additionally all entered field values remain “sticky” in that each field’s entered values will remain pre-populated when a form is revisited - including fields sharing the same Admin Label name on other pages.

The Shared Fields plugin provides this capability by saving your form field data, and replacing all custom merge tags with the associated saved values.

Features and Capabilities

  • Enabled field entry values are saved to either user’s meta table or the $_SESSION global array
  • Saving of entry data occurs when “Back”, “Next”, or “Submit” buttons are clicked by user
  • Any rendered field on any page configured with an Admin Label of a previously saved field will be auto-populated
  • Any merge tag using a saved Admin Label name will be swapped with its saved value (field default value, HTML block)
  • Display of entire field Sections can be dynamically controlled by using Conditional Logic and Hidden fields


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